I found a bug or I want to request a feature.

Open an issue on this GitHub repository.

Why does Muzzle need Accessibility permission?

Currently, the only way to enable/disable Do Not Disturb is through Apple's Accessibility APIs. If Apple introduces a different API, I'll switch to that.

Will Muzzle reduce my battery life?

No. The app sits 100% idle until a screen-sharing session starts or ends. It does absolutely no polling and therefore uses zero CPU 99.9999% of the time.

Muzzle left Do Not Disturb on when sharing ended!

Muzzle is smart. It restores Do Not Disturb to whatever state it was in just before you started screensharing. If you already had Do Not Disturb on, Muzzle leaves it on. If it was off, Muzzle turns it back off.

Will Muzzle interfere with automatic Do Not Disturb times?

No. If you have set Do Not Disturb to turn on/off at specific times, Muzzle will not interfere with that schedule. This means, however, that Do Not Disturb could potentially turn off during a screen-sharing session if you have scheduled it to automatically turn off at that time. For best results, I recommend disabling automatic Do Not Disturb schedules.

Can I trust Muzzle?

Yes. For several reasons:

  1. Muzzle is signed with my Developer Certificate. If I did something malicious, Apple would revoke that certificate and that would put my other app and therefore my living at risk. My reputation is important to me, so you can be sure that I've locked Muzzle down.
  2. Muzzle uses no third-party code other than Sparkle (to check for updates). This means no unexpected vulnerabilities.
  3. I've been writing Mac software full-time since 2011, I have over 15 years of experience on macOS, and over a million people have used apps I've written. I'm not a hobbyist or an iOS developer that's experimenting with macOS and bound to make a bunch of stupid mistakes. AppKit and I go way back; you can trust I know it well.

Will you put Muzzle in the Mac App Store?

No. The folks who write software for iOS and macOS are who truly keep those platforms alive and vibrant. Apple treats developers with very little respect, takes 30% of their income for nothing, and makes their lives difficult at every turn. I'll have nothing to do with that until Tim Cook and company clean up their act. </rant>

I'm an amazing human. Can I pay you?

Sure! If you like Muzzle and you want to support indie Mac development, find me on Patreon or you can send a few bucks to [email protected] using PayPal. Thanks very much!

What in God's name does the "Mach Override" button do?

TLDR: Absolutely nothing. This is an inside joke.

Long Version: Before I uncovered some secret sauce in macOS, I was going to use a very advanced, unstable technique to make Muzzle work. This technique is called mach_override. When I shared this with friends, they said this is the coolest name ever and that if there was a button labeled "mach override", they would click it no matter what. Ergo, button.

Your website offends me.

Welcome to the club. It meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 to yell at me on Twitter.

I have a different question.

Send me an email: [email protected] and put "Muzzle" in the subject somewhere. Or find me on Twitter: @bdkjones.