Version 1.3

13 September 2017 — Build 246

  • You can now hide Muzzle's menubar icon. See the Preferences window.
  • Muzzle now works correctly if your Mac's language is not set to English.
Not in This Release:
  • Super-important identifying information about 143 million people. #thanksEquifax
  • A leaked copy of the iOS Golden Master.
  • I guess you could say I'm having a pretty okay week.
Parting Shot:

If you like Muzzle, me, my work, or free heroin, please consider throwing a dollar into my new Patreon page. Thanks!

Version 1.2

7 July 2017 — Build 121

  • An issue where Muzzle crashed on macOS 10.11
  • An issue where Vinny didn't get his money
Known Issues:
  • Shockingly, Skype is being difficult. Muzzle isn't always detecting Skype screensharing right now. We're working on it.

Version 1.1

5 July 2017 — Build 117

This is the initial public release of Muzzle!

The Origin Story:

Muzzle was born in a group iMessage thread. See, Brian was screensharing with a client when Josh sent him a message about that client, which macOS delightfully the client. Bad times were had by all. But Brian and Josh knew a Mac developer. And that Mac developer had a working build of Muzzle in their hands five hours later.

  • An issue where the app always thought there was an update available.
  • An issue where the "start at login" option did not work.
  • The app now remembers what state Do Not Disturb was in before screensharing started and restores that state when it ends.
  • This means that if DND is ON when you start screensharing, Muzzle won't turn it off when sharing ends.

Version 1.0

20 June 2017 — Build 57

This was the initial beta release of Muzzle. It went out to a few good friends who were willing to risk their Macs with a new, untested app.